Client Testimonials


“Danielle is my go-to acupuncturist in Portland. I had the pleasure of working in the same clinic as her for a few years. During that time our mutual patients flourished with her care and I had the benefit of becoming her patient as well. There's no one that I would trust more. She has a balanced approach, offering sensible treatment and making the mysterious ways of Chinese medicine more tangible. She has helped me personally with countless ailments- from muscle pain to headaches to pregnancy. I continue to send her new patients even while working at different locations, and always get a stellar report.”

– L.W. (35 y/o female)

“I’ve had the pleasure of getting needles from Danielle Melanson five times while in Portland, OR. It may seem odd to use the word “pleasure" next to the word “needles" but that’s what it feels like whenever she treats me. I speak from experience. I get acupuncture just about once a week in Boston where I currently live.

I dote on my practitioner here but she often uses larger needles which can be more painful, sometimes wears a sweater with long sleeves that trips the needles she’s put in and disrupts the process and she rarely explains why she’s doing what she’s doing unless I ask. I appreciate the benefits of my Boston acupuncturist but until Danielle Melanson treated me in Portland I always thought acupuncture was supposed to hurt in some way. Certainly if it hurts for more than fifteen seconds or so the needle needs to be adjusted but in my experience with Danielle, the needles never hurt at all. She has a deft touch. She has calm voice and is extremely thoughtful in how she treats patients.

As a freelance Copywriter/Creative Director and TV series director (Queen Sugar on OWN), I’m constantly hunched over my laptop, often on my feet for fifteen hour days and rarely stretching or relaxing as often as I should. I know when I make an appointment with Danielle I’m not only going to feel better, I’m going to learn about why I didn’t feel well in the first place. During the treatment process she explains why she’s putting the needles where she is, how my bodily functions and systems should be behaving and what I can do to help. She has made me an active participant in my care. I always walk away with knowledge- from what or what not to eat to exercises and actions to do to prevent future pain. I trust her implicitly. So much that I’ve actually taken to calling her from Boston whenever I don’t feel well. I so wish Danielle were on the East Coast to treat me regularly. I do believe anyone fortunate enough to receive treatment from her should consider themselves lucky.”

- D.D. (63 y/o female)

“I absolutely loved my sessions with Danielle Melanson! I was in Portland visiting family and had several gut issues that could not wait till my return to the Bay Area. I can confidently testify that Danielle exhibited top-notch levels of experience and technique as she addressed my immediate needs. I have visited Danielle since she rescued me at my initial appointment and would easily place her on the short list of the best acupuncturists practicing on the West Coast. Beyond that, she is a lovely human being.”

– M.D. (63 y/o female)


“Danielle Melanson is an incredible acupuncturist and Chinese herbal medicine practitioner! Although I’ve only been a patient of Danielle’s for a few months it seems like I’ve known her for years. Danielle is a friendly, caring, professional, intuitive, and knowledgeable health care provider. Danielle has helped me to gain a greater understanding of how the body and mind work in concert and helped me to overcome several longstanding issues, through her extensive knowledge and effective treatments.

Danielle utilizes many healing techniques, choosing the appropriate treatment for me based on in-depth discussion and analysis of my symptoms. Her knowledge of Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and herbal healing are extensive. As an added benefit Danielle now has her own pharmacy and can create individualized herbal formulas to meet her patients’ needs.

I am impressed with Danielle’s desire to embrace new techniques and increase her knowledge by regularly attending seminars and workshops. Recently she has been treating my lower back using a new technique (distal style acupuncture) that has been very effective. She also shares her insights with her patients through monthly newsletters.

Danielle and the other practitioners in the Elixia Wellness Group collaborate to provide a holistic approach to my medical needs. They often confer on subjects where another’s expertise will add value to her diagnosis.

My understanding of how foods interact with the systems in the body has been greatly enhanced through my sessions with Danielle. She has helped me to overcome chronic headaches, metabolic issues, hypertension, and inflammation. I feel truly blessed to have become a patient (and friend) of Danielle’s over the last year.

Danielle has helped me to find my own level of optimal health through her knowledge and guidance. At the conclusion of my sessions I have a sense of physical, mental, and spiritual balance. I would wholeheartedly recommend Danielle to anyone looking for a friendly, caring, professional, intuitive, and knowledgeable health care provider.”

- C.S. (53 y/o female)

“Danielle is a meticulously holistic practitioner.  Her constant skill in seeing and hearing me throughout the several months we worked on healing acute and long standing health issues enabled her to work miracles on a lot of levels.  Her Chinese herbs and acupuncture work are powerful and personally attuned and updated.  In addition, she was so perceptive to whatever I said that she was able to link another modality of healing at Elixia and suggest it to me, which provided structural shifts that, together with her caring work and positive vibe, has returned me to wellness. Brava, Danielle”

— S.L. (56 y/o female)

“I can attest it’s true that everything comes in threes. Two years ago I was laid off from a job I felt I would retire from. Six months later, my beloved mother and best friend past away quite suddenly from colon cancer. To top that off, I literally worried myself sick obsessing over my current situation. I can’t remember a time in my life when I was more stressed, depressed and just plain beaten down.

I heard somewhere that acupuncture could help with weight loss. I thought I would feel better about myself if I could only lose some weight. It only took one visit with Danielle to realize my problems are much deeper. Only two short months into my therapy; Danielle has changed my whole outlook on life. She has given me the tools to understand that my body and mind are one. Weight loss has become a result from the treatment of the health of my overall well-being!

If there was only one thing I could pass on to a new client; I would say Danielle saved my life. I didn’t realize I was in an out-of-control downward spiral until Danielle tenderly pulled me from the depths of my own mind. I have a long way to go, but I am confident that with the support of Danielle’s compassion, methods and expertise in Chinese medicine I will survive the darkest period of my life.”

- S.N. (44 y/o female)

“It’s not hard to find a doctor. It’s hard to find a healer. Danielle Melanson is truly a healer! I am delighted to have found her. My experience with acupuncture has been healing and profoundly relaxing. My first acupuncture treatment with Danielle was a deeply healing experience. I experienced a physical and emotional release of stuck energy and repressed emotions. I am overwhelmed by the progress I have experienced after working with Danielle Melanson for one month. Everything in my life has changed for the best. I was stuck and Danielle moved me through stagnation in my physical and emotional body allowing me to live fully once more. Danielle connects with her patients and is very present with them. Danielle is intelligent, intuitive, sensitive and acutely aware. She is a true healer.”

— L.B. (44 y/o female)

“I am fortunate to have received exceptional care from Danielle over the past two years. It is inspiring as Danielle’s patient to be under care of a practitioner so highly skilled and passionate about Chinese medicine. She is a sensitive listener, intuitive, inquisitive and responsive to her patients. Danielle is gentle in her acupuncture practice, and the treatments provide for relaxation and reflection.

Danielle is always researching, and collaborating with others in her field to uncover new insights and options for treatment, which help to inform her patients. She is holistic in her approach as she asks questions and provides insight to how a current condition of imbalance may be remedied by revealing the parallels to Chinese medicine. I have been treated with superior results by Danielle for several conditions ranging from, tendinitis, to urinary tract infection, stress, and fertility treatment all the way through a healthy pregnancy, induction of labor, and postpartum care. I am grateful for the transformative path of healing she has guided me on, and recommend her expert care to anyone interested in working with Danielle.”

- K.F. (40 y/o female)

“I have suffered from hot flashes since I was 17. When I tried to talk to my Mom about it, she refused to believe me. She said I was too young. Usually, they would come on at night a few days before my period. My low back would get hot then it felt like fire was shooting out of my feet. Most of the night it was: Covers on, covers off. Covers off, covers on. As I got older and into my early 30's, my hot flashes became more intense to the point where I could not sleep at all at night.

Sometimes they would creep in during the day, especially the day before my period started. I talked to my GP who prescribed an anti-depressant that is usually prescribed to menopausal women because it has a side effect of reducing hot flashes. I took this pill once and once was enough. It left me feeling very tired, dizzy, and sick to my stomach. After that, I tried an herbal supplement that did help, but not enough to make the hot flashes go away.

After a bad episode in the late spring of 2012, I was convinced that I had to do something more but didn't want to go back to my GP for another pill. I did some research and found that acupuncture can help with hot flashes in menopausal women. At 34-35, I was certainly not menopausal but wanted to give it a chance. The Chinese have been using acupuncture for thousands of years there had to be something to it right? Through more research, I found Danielle Melanson who was covered by my insurance, specialized in women's health, and whose practice is very close to where I live.

At first, I wasn't sure what to make of it. Although I had some reservations, I gave it a chance. After a couple appointments, the breast tenderness, swelling, and abdominal swelling I always experienced before my period started to ease. After about 4 appointments, I noticed my hot flashes lessen as well. I continued to take the prescribed herbs and go to acupuncture. My hot flashes continued to become less intense until one month they were gone entirely. My breasts no longer swell and become tender and my abdomen does not swell either. To say that I was stoked would be an understatement. No, the hot flashes didn't disappear immediately. It did take time and I had to take my herbs even if I wasn't thrilled with the taste. With any therapy/treatment program you have to do your part in order for the treatment to be effective. I thought I would continue to have hot flashes the rest of my life that would continue to increase in intensity as I approached menopause. Now, I don't have that worry and couldn't be happier and more relieved that my hot flashes are finally gone.”

- K.K. (35 y/o female)