My Acupuncture Practice

The focus of my practice is stress and pain management, women’s health issues and autoimmune disorders.  I know the body can heal itself given the opportunity.  I provide this opportunity by listening with an open heart to clearly understand the root of my patient’s imbalance.  As a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM, I can treat virtually any condition a doctor can and would. An initial consultation normally precedes any treatment so I can complete a detailed picture for your health puzzle and learn more about your symptoms and how they may be interrelated. Even the smallest detail can provide insight into the root cause of your condition. Your visit may include acupuncture in conjunction with other traditional modalities including, Chinese herbs, cupping, gua-sha, nutritional supplements, life style concerns and diet.

You have a unique body. It's influenced by your family history, genes, environment, nutrition, emotions, beliefs and your self-image. Traditional Chinese Medicine is based in the belief that your physical health is inseparable from your emotional health and spiritual well-being. The holistic aspect treats underlying imbalances, which cause disease. I tailor each treatment specifically to treat your whole being.

I have recently completed a Hospice and Palliative care mentorship and will be pursuing my healing work with end of life patients.  It has been an honor and a privilege to be part of someone’s crossing over.  I am humbled by this spiritual experience and grateful Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture can ease the fear and pain of death and dying.

I first started having Danielle treat me when she was an intern at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. She is both skilled and wonderfully caring in her treatments. She treats me for macular degeneration as well as shoulder/arm pain, which I have suffered with for years. Acupuncture has changed my life. Being pain free is like a miracle. I have yearly check-ups for the macular degeneration. My vision is good thus far and the macular degeneration has not advanced or worsened in the years Danielle has treated me with Acupuncture. I always look forward to my twice monthly sessions as it helps me so much and I thoroughly enjoy Danielle as a person.
— P.W. (72 y/o female)