M.S. 53yr female
Danielle is a vibrant, wise, and intuitive practitioner. She takes time to listen before each treatment. She has helped me every time I have gone to see her over the last 10 years, treating all my ailments from insomnia, to low back pain to sinus issues. Her experience and knowledge combined with her kind spirit makes her an extraordinary healer.

L.W. 35yr female
Danielle is my go-to acupuncturist in Portland. I had the pleasure of working in the same clinic as her for a few years. During that time our mutual patients flourished with her care and I had the benefit of becoming her patient as well. There's no one that I would trust more. She has a balanced approach, offering sensible treatment and making the mysterious ways of Chinese medicine more tangible. She has helped me personally with countless ailments- from muscle pain to headaches to pregnancy. I continue to send her new patients even while working at different locations, and always get a stellar report.

D.D. 49yr female
I’ve had the pleasure of getting needles from Danielle Melanson five times while in Portland, OR. It may seem odd to use the word “pleasure" next to the word “needles" but that’s what it feels like whenever she treats me. I speak from experience.... [ read on ]

M.D. 63yr female
I absolutely loved my sessions with Danielle Melanson! I was in Portland visiting family and had several gut issues that could not wait till my return to the Bay Area. I can confidently testify that Danielle exhibited top-notch levels of experience and technique as she addressed my immediate needs. I have visited Danielle since she rescued me at my initial appointment and would easily place her on the short list of the best acupuncturists practicing on the West Coast. Beyond that, she is a lovely human being.

C.S. 53yr female
Danielle Melanson is an incredible acupuncturist and Chinese herbal medicine practitioner! Although I’ve only been a patient of Danielle’s for a few months it seems like I’ve known her for years... [ read on ]

S.L. 56yr female
Danielle is a meticulously holistic practitioner.  Her constant skill in seeing and hearing me throughout the several months we worked on healing acute and long standing health issues enabled her to work miracles on a lot of levels.  Her Chinese herbs and acupuncture work are powerful and personally attuned and updated.  In addition, she was so perceptive to whatever I said that she was able to link another modality of healing at Elixia and suggest it to me, which provided structural shifts that, together with her caring work and positive vibe, has returned me to wellness. Brava, Danielle

L.B. 44yr female
It’s not hard to find a doctor. It’s hard to find a healer. Danielle Melanson is truly a healer! I am delighted to have found her. My experience with acupuncture has been healing and profoundly relaxing. My first acupuncture treatment with Danielle was a deeply healing experience. I experienced a physical and emotional release of stuck energy and repressed emotions. I am overwhelmed by the progress I have experienced after working with Danielle Melanson for one month. Everything in my life has changed for the best. I was stuck and Danielle moved me through stagnation in my physical and emotional body allowing me to live fully once more. Danielle connects with her patients and is very present with them. Danielle is intelligent, intuitive, sensitive and acutely aware. She is a true healer.

S.N. 44yr Female
I can attest it’s true that everything comes in threes. Two years ago I was laid off from a job I felt I would retire from. Six months later, my beloved mother and best friend past away quite suddenly from colon cancer... [ read on ]

K.F. 40yr female
I am fortunate to have received exceptional care from Danielle over the past two years. It is inspiring as Danielle’s patient to be under care of a practitioner so highly skilled and passionate about Chinese medicine... [ read on ]

P.L. 28yr male
I began seeing Danielle a couple of years ago, and since have returned for various treatments tending to muscular, immune, and emotional issues. A notable attraction that brings me back to Danielle in particular, is that she meets me with inquiry, compassion and a personal presence that is illuminated in the way she practices this medicine as a living, changing, and beautiful art form. Our sessions have proven to be insightful insofar as seeing related facets to the work we are doing, comfortable, with respect to the environment and our communication, and ultimately, quiet, in such a way, that I carry this quiet with me into my daily life. I consider myself fortunate and very thankful to be able to work with such a wonderful person as her.

P.W. 72yr female
I first started having Danielle treat me when she was an intern at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. She is both skilled and wonderfully caring in her treatments. She treats me for macular degeneration as well as shoulder/arm pain, which I have suffered with for years. Acupuncture has changed my life. Being pain free is like a miracle. I have yearly check-ups for the macular degeneration. My vision is good thus far and the macular degeneration has not advanced or worsened in the years Danielle has treated me with Acupuncture. I always look forward to my twice monthly sessions as it helps me so much and I thoroughly enjoy Danielle as a person.

K.K. 35yr female
I have suffered from hot flashes since I was 17. When I tried to talk to my Mom about it, she refused to believe me. She said I was too young...
[ read on ]