K.K. 35yr Female

I have suffered from hot flashes since I was 17. When I tried to talk to my Mom about it, she refused to believe me. She said I was too young. Usually, they would come on at night a few days before my period. My low back would get hot then it felt like fire was shooting out of my feet. Most of the night it was: Covers off, covers on. Covers off, covers on. Covers off, covers on. As I got older and into my early 30's, my hot flashes became more intense to the point where I could not sleep at all at night. Sometimes they would creep in during the day, especially the day before my period started. I talked to my GP who prescribed an anti-depressant that is usually prescribed to menopausal women because it has a side effect of reducing hot flashes. I took this pill once and once was enough. It left me feeling very tired, dizzy, and sick to my stomach. After that, I tried an herbal supplement that did help, but not enough to make the hot flashes go away. After a bad episode in the late spring of 2012, I was convinced that I had to do something more but didn't want to go back to my GP for another pill. I did some research and found that acupuncture can help with hot flashes in menopausal women. At 34-35, I was certainly not menopausal but wanted to give it a chance. The Chinese have been using acupuncture for thousands of years there had to be something to it right? Through more research, I found Danielle Melanson who was covered by my insurance, specialized in women's health, and whose practice is very close to where I live. At first, I wasn't sure what to make of it. Although I had some reservations, I gave it a chance. After a couple appointments, the breast tenderness, swelling, and abdominal swelling I always experienced before my period started to ease. After about 4 appointments, I noticed my hot flashes lessen as well. I continued to take the prescribed herbs and go to acupuncture. My hot flashes continued to become less intense until one month they were gone entirely. My breasts no longer swell and become tender and my abdomen does not swell either. To say that I was stoked would be an understatement. No, the hot flashes didn't disappear immediately. It did take time and I had to take my herbs even if I wasn't thrilled with the taste. With any therapy/treatment program you have to do your part in order for the treatment to be effective. I thought I would continue to have hot flashes the rest of my life that would continue to increase in intensity as I approached menopause. Now, I don't have that worry and couldn't be happier and more relieved that my hot flashes are finally gone.

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