K.F. 40yr female

I am fortunate to have received exceptional care from Danielle over the past two years. It is inspiring as Danielle’s patient to be under care of a practitioner so highly skilled and passionate about Chinese medicine. She is a sensitive listener, intuitive, inquisitive and responsive to her patients. Danielle is gentle in her acupuncture practice, and the treatments provide for relaxation and reflection. Danielle is always researching, and collaborating with others in her field to uncover new insights and options for treatment, which help to inform her patients. She is holistic in her approach as she asks questions and provides insight to how a current condition of imbalance may be remedied by revealing the parallels to Chinese medicine. I have been treated with superior results by Danielle for several conditions ranging from, tendinitis, to urinary tract infection, stress, and fertility treatment all the way through a healthy pregnancy, induction of labor, and postpartum care. I am grateful for the transformative path of healing she has guided me on, and recommend her expert care to anyone interested in working with Danielle.

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