D.D. 63yr female

     I’ve had the pleasure of getting needles from Danielle Melanson five times while in Portland, OR. It may seem odd to use the word “pleasure" next to the word “needles" but that’s what it feels like whenever she treats me. I speak from experience. I get acupuncture just about once a week in Boston where I currently live. I dote on my practitioner here but she often uses larger needles which can be more painful, sometimes wears a sweater with long sleeves that trips the needles she’s put in and disrupts the process and she rarely explains why she’s doing what she’s doing unless I ask. I appreciate the benefits of my Boston acupuncturist but until Danielle Melanson treated me in Portland I always thought acupuncture was supposed to hurt in some way. Certainly if it hurts for more than fifteen seconds or so the needle needs to be adjusted but in my experience with Danielle, the needles never hurt at all. She has a deft touch. She has calm voice and is extremely thoughtful in how she treats patients.

As a freelance Copywriter/Creative Director and TV series director (Queen Sugar on OWN), I’m constantly hunched over my laptop, often on my feet for fifteen hour days and rarely stretching or relaxing as often as I should. I know when I make an appointment with Danielle I’m not only going to feel better, I’m going to learn about why I didn’t feel well in the first place. During the treatment process she explains why she’s putting the needles where she is, how my bodily functions and systems should be behaving and what I can do to help. She has made me an active participant in my care. I always walk away with knowledge- from what or what not to eat to exercises and actions to do to prevent future pain. I trust her implicitly. So much that I’ve actually taken to calling her from Boston whenever I don’t feel well. I so wish Danielle were on the East Coast to treat me regularly. I do believe anyone fortunate enough to receive treatment from her should consider themselves lucky.

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