C.S. 53yr female

     Danielle Melanson is an incredible acupuncturist and Chinese herbal medicine practitioner! Although I’ve only been a patient of Danielle’s for a few months it seems like I’ve known her for years. Danielle is a friendly, caring, professional, intuitive, and knowledgeable health care provider. Danielle has helped me to gain a greater understanding of how the body and mind work in concert and helped me to overcome several longstanding issues, through her extensive knowledge and effective treatments.
      Danielle utilizes many healing techniques, choosing the appropriate treatment for me based on in-depth discussion and analysis of my symptoms. Her knowledge of Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and herbal healing are extensive. As an added benefit Danielle now has her own pharmacy and can create individualized herbal formulas to meet her patients’ needs.
      I am impressed with Danielle’s desire to embrace new techniques and increase her knowledge by regularly attending seminars and workshops. Recently she has been treating my lower back using a new technique (distal style acupuncture) that has been very effective. She also shares her insights with her patients through monthly newsletters.
      Danielle and the other practitioners in the Elixia Wellness Group collaborate to provide a holistic approach to my medical needs. They often confer on subjects where another’s expertise will add value to her diagnosis.
      My understanding of how foods interact with the systems in the body has been greatly enhanced through my sessions with Danielle. She has helped me to overcome chronic headaches, metabolic issues, hypertension, and inflammation. I feel truly blessed to have become a patient (and friend) of Danielle’s over the last year.
      Danielle has helped me to find my own level of optimal health through her knowledge and guidance. At the conclusion of my sessions I have a sense of physical, mental, and spiritual balance. I would wholeheartedly recommend Danielle to anyone looking for a friendly, caring, professional, intuitive, and knowledgeable health care provider.

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